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Post production editing

Executive Video Interviews

We bring the video studio to you

There are times when executive video interviews have to be turned around quickly for playback.  The big meeting is just a day or two away.  Conflicting schedules mean that executives sometimes can’t attend the meeting – live.  In these cases, a location video production can be a very powerful decision to give them important time in the meeting without leaving the office.   Maybe they are in another city but they still want to craft a targeted, personal message with graphics to reinforce their address.  In some cases going live isn’t an option for them either – but they have time-sensitive information to share with audiences live and on demand.   When it’s critical to get it right, we bring the video capture studio right to their location.

Creative uses of your space for video interviews can make your executives look amazing

Executive Video Interviews

Rhea Communications Executive Producer, Brian Rhea testing mics and helping his DP light and frame up the shot for the perfect executive on camera interview.

Offices, conference and board rooms can be transformed into ad hoc studios for executive video interviews.  Our professional teams work quickly with the set-up, so the on camera executive talent simply walks down the hall to record.  The producer is waiting with some room temperature water, an outline and “anti-shine” – something we apply just to ensure they look amazing under the lights.  Following the short capture, video can be edited on site or created from our Silicon Valley studio location.  Fortunately for us, we work in a connected society where teams can review, comment, edit & revise video from anywhere.  We know how valuable time is and have mastered the art of keeping the work flowing so the end result can be ready in a matter of hours after the interview – where ever it may be.


Cadillac “Escala” Revealed Live on Facebook

5 Camera Live Switch to Facebook Reveals Cadillac’s new Concept Car

Without question, the annual Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach, California is an homage to the automobile industry world-wide.  When Cadillac’s social media Agency Rokkan reached out to find a west coast production company, they selected Rhea Communications through Facebook’s relationship with partner Groovy Gecko and our friends at A Crew4U in London.

cadillac-video-villageWe loved working on this show.  However, the biggest challenge would be bandwidth on location.  The “Cadillac House” was a top a mountain at a sprawling $35M estate with magnificent views of the Monterey Bay, but the only challenge was an over-taxed cellular network (with no dedicated landline available).  With a few hundred invited guests and eager media competing for cell tower coverage, we had to be sure we could get out with at least 4Mbps for live HD to Facebook.  Our friends at Atomic Imaging provided a bonded cellular package that averaged 5 radios from two carriers.

Once the live shot went off without a hitch, we then captured an interview with the Cadillac lead designer of the “Escala” concept car for on site post production editing and upload to Facebook and YouTube. 

Rheacom Director of Photography and robotic camera veteran Danny Zemanek and Video TD/Engineer Conrad Slater (inset photo) braved the whispy fog and tight rooftop load-in to cut pristine images from 5 cameras for the live video webcast.  The event was elegant at every turn.  No exposed wires, very carefully placed cameras and tight security.  No cameras could take any images at any time until the reveal.  Security made sure all phones were wrapped with a tape over smart phone camera lenses.  The event company transformed the space with comfortable furniture and loads to nosh on for the adoring fans who witnessed the president of Cadillac, Johan de Nysschen cue the slick silk reveal.

Executive Director, Cadillac Global Design – Andrew Smith takes us inside the creation of this sleek one-of-a-kind concept car.

New Video Production Update for AOptix IntelliMax

Laser-Radio innovator AOptix is turning heads with a short new video-based tool to engage audiences worldwide.  Story telling using 3D animation, engaging graphics and an attention getting soundtrack works for audiences of any size.  If you’re looking to tell a complex story – call us today.

Flying Post Production – First in class service for our customers

Frequent Flyer Editing!  We’re saving time and staying on budget while flying high.

We travel for our customers.  Staying on deadline with a company-wide feature means editing your show even when you’re flying to capture another. On long flights, we actually love working without distractions.  Noise canceling headphones on – head down – shoes off – feet up.   Editing HD video at 39,000ft actually makes the miles go by faster and saves all of us valuable time away from the ground.

3D Animation

Draw customers through video featuring 3D Animation

Combined with product videos chocked full of detailed live action demonstrations, AOptix marketing frames their go to market story through photo realistic product animation

Capturing groundbreaking innovation in 3D animation is a preferred method for technical story telling.  Products in development come to life when animators bring photo realism to full motion video.

Rhea Communications Animation Still - Wavelength DiversityFor AOptix, visually interesting story telling was critical in early market development.  3D animation sequences from Rhea Communications were the right tool for depicting a wireless telecom backhaul solution that guarantees the speed of fiber in all weather conditions.  Going to market with disruptive technology means giving the viewer a simulation of where the technology is going, why it’s breakthrough and how it will perform in real world situations.

In trade shows where you have seconds to catch attention (sometimes even without sound) the 3D portions of a movie help cut through trade show floor clutter capturing interest to begin conversations.  Follow the eyes of attendees.  They are bombarded with images everywhere.  Use large screen theater with full HD animation to give sales something to push off of.  Sometimes you only get about 7 seconds to divert traffic to your booth on the show floor.

On the web, your VOD “Video On Demand” visual story telling will most always proceed a conversation or face to face meeting with customers and investors.  Rhea Communications video production with 3D animation carries your message – creatively telling your story with the audience in a way that static PowerPoint slides can’t.

These animation clips where carefully storyboarded to showcase new concepts of all weather performance.  They had to relay new technology innovations such as Advanced Wavelength Diversity, Pointing Acquisition and Tracking and Active Beam Steering.

Rhea Communications Animation StillProduct teams handed our designers actual CAD design files that we were able to port over to our animation software.  Textures and finishes had to make the product look as close to actual as possible.  Engineers knew that these frames would be carefully analyzed by customers.  We had to be sure we showed their customers that the designs were on track.  The hardware mounting was one area that had to look real.

Check out the AOptix website to see how they are used in context with other materials.  Call us today when you’re ready to tell your story in 3D animation from Rhea Communications.









New “Money Minutes” Corporate Earnings Video

Money Minutes Producer and Director, Brian Rhea steps in as talent to check lights, audio and teleprompter just prior to Executive video capture.

Money Minutes Producer and Director, Brian Rhea steps in as talent to check lights, audio and teleprompter just prior to Executive video capture.

Anyone up for tiny fonts on hard to understand slides?

How do you hold attention?  Get employees to engage?  Telling a detailed financial story doesn’t have to be boring or dry.  In our Corporate Communications work for tech, we work with talented, hard working teams that know the commitment and creativity it takes to get a project out on deadline. We teamed up to release a new video production for a show we helped to create called, “Money Minutes” an internal communications video that streams each quarter for a leading security company.

Will anyone click to watch?


Yes and they keep on clicking – in some cases weeks later.  Our experience shows that the financial results are by far the most watched videos in the cloud. Yes – more than all the other videos that one would think are important.  Employees want to know how their company is doing…so tell them a story.  It’s about their money and your money.  Get to the point – respect their time.  Use this video update to tell them what’s going on and congratulate their efforts.

How do you do this?

This short 5-7 minute video is hosted by a senior executive, who we composite with various graphics and background images. The piece keeps moving with large “quick read” graphics.  Logo icons, colored graphics and even short video clips are used to make each scene visually interesting but simple.  In just a few minutes with the host in a conversational tone, company employees world-wide can watch a concise presentation that’s informative and up to date.  The video is propelled by a music soundtrack that is mixed to punctuate the story. Are you in Finance or Internal Communications?  Do you lead global teams and want to effectively tell your story?  Let us help you with affordable video production that gets your message out quickly making your team look great and “on the money”.

Bay Area Video Production Company in Qatar

Product Demonstration Video Captures Middle East Iris Biometric Story

Once Bay Area Video Production Company RheaCom filmed enough b-roll from their location shoot around Doha, Qatar, the marketing team got to work cutting a short video showcase.    Product lead Joey Pritikin tells the story in this short video seen world wide.

Services for this project include:

  • Location scouting
  • Security clearances
  • Middle East production crewing
  • Talent Casting
  • Story Creation
  • On Camera Interview
  • Post Production Editing


Location Broadcast Video Production at the San Jose International Airport

Want to film in a high security area?

So your product team is ready to make a video for trade shows or the web?  RheaCom client AOptix was the first to deploy its iris recognition systems at 2 meters distance to validate passenger identities in the UK and Middle East.  Their E-Gate concept was hot and airports around the world wanted to know how it all worked.  So, we made a few phone calls.  Wrote a few emails.  Created an exact minute by minute production schedule and we successfully shot two locations in 1 day.  Tall order?  Yes, but with careful planning we pulled it off near their corporate headquarters in Campbell, CA.  The San Jose International Airport was the perfect location to film.  A working ticket counter and boarding gate made the perfect location.

RheaCom services:

  • Scouting/Planning
  • Clearances and Approvals
  • Casting
  • Crewing
  • Direction
  • Post Production Editing

RheaCom client AOptix is validating traveler identity around the world. When capturing product b-roll for broadcast video production, RheaCom scouted and secured two locations for demonstration of the companies fully automated e-gate to confirm identity through iris recognition biometrics.

Location Production Stills

Location video production in the Middle East

Are you ready to roll in Arabia?

RheaCom video production client AOptix is securing the air, land and sea borders of Qatar with iris recognition at 2 meters.  Traveling to film these sequences at the new Doha Airport took a lot of advanced coordination and careful planning.  Production functions included local Middle East crewing and extra casting for this product b-roll. Location filming permissions were granted and production went forward quickly in these highly secure airport areas.  If you’re looking to capture the moment anywhere in the world, let’s get going!

  • B-Roll Planning
  • Crewing
  • Talent
  • Permits
  • Customer Relations
  • PR
  • Post Production
  • Compressions

MTV’s Catfish Creator Nev Schulman Caught Doing Good at Gertz-Ressler High School in Los Angeles

Brian Rhea & Nev Schulman

Brian Rhea and Nev Schulman

Nev Schulman speaks from personal experience about all things social media.

Having also been “Catfished” by what turned out to be a Michigan Mom posing as a much younger online romance,  the continual lies, fake Facebook pages and deceptive months of exchanges made for an acclaimed 2010 documentary film about his experiences titled – you guessed it “Catfish“.   The film’s success spawned the hit reality series “Catfish The TV Show” now in its 3rd season on MTV.  Nev is the first of a new generation to take the reins of a web gone wild!  In the show he created and stars in, his team pulls back the blindfolds of those who get cyber duped.  Stories of some who even drive hundreds of miles only to learn the real relationship story with the help of Nev.

NCSA12In a recent event for the National Cyber Safety Alliance, Nev joined a team assembled by the NCSA and McAfee to talk straight about staying safe online in a gym filled with “twitter-pated” High School teens at Gertz-Ressler High School.  Look for links soon to this shoot where RheaCom captured it all “film style” with two cameras in a noisy, dimly lit gym off the 10 and 110 freeways in Los Angeles.

Michelle Dennedy shares with Gertz-Ressler students



Special thanks to Emily Eckland, Director of Digital Strategy & Awareness Campaigns and Michael Kaiser, Director at NCSA and Tracy Ross, Director of Public Relations and Online Safety for Kids Program at McAfee.  We also had the privilege of working with Michelle Dennedy, McAfee Chief Privacy Officer and a national leader in cyber safety legislation.   Thanks to all for hooking us up with “Catfish”.