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Producing and Directing a Live Event with Video

Live Corporate Events Are Easy, Right?

“Ready one…take one…camera four…tighten up on that two shot…good…take four…stand by on bumper seven…”  Calling video cues in any show can be intense.  Add the complexity of a live video webcast on top of that and it’s crazy. Oh, if you’re also simultaneously capturing a “dirty cut” with all the cameras and graphics for quick steaming after the event…that’s insane…but we love it!

In a large ballroom with chairs for a thousand and HD video projection everywhere, there’s a great satisfaction working with talented teams of production professionals. When we travel or even when we’re home in the Bay Area, we have the privilege of meeting great people. After all of the pre-production planning we arrive on site to put it all into play. From load in to that final call to roll the walk-out music, let us take you “cue to cue” through a corporate meeting or event that brings impact and value to your organization.


RheaCom Executive Producer and Director Brian Rhea warms up the audience before the meeting gets underway.

Tips to keeping your cool under pressure:

  • Know your teams capabilities
  • Rehearse with presenters
  • Have content backup plans in place
  • Spend time on transitions
  • Know your show
  • Have an easy to follow cue sheet
  • Keep “last minute” distractions away
  • Get a good headset (no static)
  • When calling the show, speak clearly and praise great work as it happens
  • Hire good people who make you look good!
  • Rest the night before a big day (if you can)