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How fast can you set up a hotel ballroom for a corporate event?

This is how the work gets done.

Yes, it takes a lot of gear to set up for a RheaCom corporate event.  Before we can send one bit of video data to the Internet for secure streaming, we have to take a large room, (usually with very interesting carpet and hopefully high ceilings) to create a captivating meeting environment.  Drape lines, staging, scenic, theatrical lighting, voice of the theater sound, projection, video village.  If you’re wondering what it takes to set up a room, take a look at this video captured at a recent event courtesy of our partner, Dave Jensen at Live OnLine Television.

Should the responsibility for meetings and events fall into your lap, here’s a few tips:

  • Don’t freak out.  It’s going to be fine.
  • Pencil hold multiple locations so you don’t get stuck
  • Tour the facility
  • Bring a technician who can ask good questions about technical capabilities
  • Find out if there are any other events happening during your event date (don’t want a loud band playing through the air wall)
  • Try the food if you’re serving your attendees
  • If you’re booking rooms, find out how far the walk is to the conference room
  • Ask if they have done large “television” style video captures before
  • Get to know their Internet services provider – make sure they can give you want you need
  • Find out what charges will be encored if you don’t hire any of their contract A/V staff
  • Make good scale drawings
  • Ask about hang points in the ceiling
  • Do they have have 3 phase power
  • What is the data rate in the room?
  • Is the line being shared with other meetings?
  • Call RheaCom to get started today!