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Executive Video Interviews

We bring the video studio to you

There are times when executive video interviews have to be turned around quickly for playback.  The big meeting is just a day or two away.  Conflicting schedules mean that executives sometimes can’t attend the meeting – live.  In these cases, a location video production can be a very powerful decision to give them important time in the meeting without leaving the office.   Maybe they are in another city but they still want to craft a targeted, personal message with graphics to reinforce their address.  In some cases going live isn’t an option for them either – but they have time-sensitive information to share with audiences live and on demand.   When it’s critical to get it right, we bring the video capture studio right to their location.

Creative uses of your space for video interviews can make your executives look amazing

Executive Video Interviews

Rhea Communications Executive Producer, Brian Rhea testing mics and helping his DP light and frame up the shot for the perfect executive on camera interview.

Offices, conference and board rooms can be transformed into ad hoc studios for executive video interviews.  Our professional teams work quickly with the set-up, so the on camera executive talent simply walks down the hall to record.  The producer is waiting with some room temperature water, an outline and “anti-shine” – something we apply just to ensure they look amazing under the lights.  Following the short capture, video can be edited on site or created from our Silicon Valley studio location.  Fortunately for us, we work in a connected society where teams can review, comment, edit & revise video from anywhere.  We know how valuable time is and have mastered the art of keeping the work flowing so the end result can be ready in a matter of hours after the interview – where ever it may be.