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3D Animation

New Video Production Update for AOptix IntelliMax

Laser-Radio innovator AOptix is turning heads with a short new video-based tool to engage audiences worldwide.  Story telling using 3D animation, engaging graphics and an attention getting soundtrack works for audiences of any size.  If you’re looking to tell a complex story – call us today.

3D Animation

Draw customers through video featuring 3D Animation

Combined with product videos chocked full of detailed live action demonstrations, AOptix marketing frames their go to market story through photo realistic product animation

Capturing groundbreaking innovation in 3D animation is a preferred method for technical story telling.  Products in development come to life when animators bring photo realism to full motion video.

Rhea Communications Animation Still - Wavelength DiversityFor AOptix, visually interesting story telling was critical in early market development.  3D animation sequences from Rhea Communications were the right tool for depicting a wireless telecom backhaul solution that guarantees the speed of fiber in all weather conditions.  Going to market with disruptive technology means giving the viewer a simulation of where the technology is going, why it’s breakthrough and how it will perform in real world situations.

In trade shows where you have seconds to catch attention (sometimes even without sound) the 3D portions of a movie help cut through trade show floor clutter capturing interest to begin conversations.  Follow the eyes of attendees.  They are bombarded with images everywhere.  Use large screen theater with full HD animation to give sales something to push off of.  Sometimes you only get about 7 seconds to divert traffic to your booth on the show floor.

On the web, your VOD “Video On Demand” visual story telling will most always proceed a conversation or face to face meeting with customers and investors.  Rhea Communications video production with 3D animation carries your message – creatively telling your story with the audience in a way that static PowerPoint slides can’t.

These animation clips where carefully storyboarded to showcase new concepts of all weather performance.  They had to relay new technology innovations such as Advanced Wavelength Diversity, Pointing Acquisition and Tracking and Active Beam Steering.

Rhea Communications Animation StillProduct teams handed our designers actual CAD design files that we were able to port over to our animation software.  Textures and finishes had to make the product look as close to actual as possible.  Engineers knew that these frames would be carefully analyzed by customers.  We had to be sure we showed their customers that the designs were on track.  The hardware mounting was one area that had to look real.

Check out the AOptix website to see how they are used in context with other materials.  Call us today when you’re ready to tell your story in 3D animation from Rhea Communications.