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Proud to host this show over the Notified Platform with co-host Lisa Boyce

Premiering January 16th, an All-star line-up of special guests in Episode #5 of Better Live Meetings.

Lisa Boyce – Notified, Co-Host
Dave DeWalt – Founder & CEO of NightDragon
Michael Busselen – Retired CCO, Owner of Woodhawk Vineyards
Richard Cohn – Communications Ambassador

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Better Live Meetings is thrilled to have Dave DeWalt and his former Corporate Communications team from McAfee as special guests to discuss how they made their All Hands Meeting a memorable experience for their global workforce from 2008 to 2012.

Using humor and fun elements, this team engaged and united employees, ultimately leading McAfee to a 7.68 billion dollar acquisition by Intel Corporation.

The production traveled to every major employee population center around the world, allowing each geo to host the meeting while showcasing their unique locations, and cultures through well-produced employee opening videos. The many carefully orchestrated surprise entrances by then-CEO Dave DeWalt, often tied into the hilarious videos, became highly anticipated elements of the quarterly meetings.

Attendees of Episode #5 of Better Live Meetings will have the opportunity to learn from great stories and watch a series of archival video clips that demonstrate the success of these All Hands Meetings. This episode is dedicated to providing valuable insights into how companies can effectively engage their employees and create a sense of unity and collaboration through hybrid internal communications streamed for live and on-demand audiences worldwide.

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