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We shine in the dark rooms

Behind the scenes of corporate video webcast production, we make sure it all runs smoothly. The cameras, lights, computers, data monitors, slides, videos, mics, speakers, projectors, staging…everything. We know your video webcast production is critical to invest in professionals and at Rhea Communications, we thank you for that. Your audiences around the world trust that your video webcasting will come off without a glitch. As we begin our 18th year as corporate video webcast event producers, we continue to support our clients who deliver solid messaging through proven webcast platforms. As we turn the page to 2020, I’m so grateful for the many experiences we’ve had, with the teams we’ve built for the many locations around the world we have had the privilege of serving in.

Rheacom video webcast production for corporate TV
Elyssa Rhea advances the webcast UI slides at a recent Rheacom event. Always great to have one of my daughters join us during a break from school. Veteran audio Engineer Andrew Lipnick looks on from his house/web mix position.

Plan your work and work your plan

Proper planning makes a professional production. Let us create an event video production plan to get your messages out without incident. We’ve made live video webcasts our passion. We care about the content, the slides, the video playback, encoding quality, the presenters performance and the proper slide display. Sound is also so important. We make sure the levels are proper for the webcast and the Full HD recording. We load in and set up with ample time to test everything from clickers to our text book redundancies.

If you’re searching for a video webcasting team that puts you first for corporate communications, contact us. We’re here to back you up where we shine in the dark rooms. At Rhea Communications, it’s on to 2020 and we’re looking forward to serving you.

Rheacom video webcast production for corporate TV
Shining in dark rooms, Rheacom team members Conrad Slater and Danny Zemanek drive cameras and call shots as we feed secure customer video streams.

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