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New “Money Minutes” Corporate Earnings Video

Money Minutes Producer and Director, Brian Rhea steps in as talent to check lights, audio and teleprompter just prior to Executive video capture.

Money Minutes Producer and Director, Brian Rhea steps in as talent to check lights, audio and teleprompter just prior to Executive video capture.

Anyone up for tiny fonts on hard to understand slides?

How do you hold attention?  Get employees to engage?  Telling a detailed financial story doesn’t have to be boring or dry.  In our Corporate Communications work for tech, we work with talented, hard working teams that know the commitment and creativity it takes to get a project out on deadline. We teamed up to release a new video production for a show we helped to create called, “Money Minutes” an internal communications video that streams each quarter for a leading security company.

Will anyone click to watch?


Yes and they keep on clicking – in some cases weeks later.  Our experience shows that the financial results are by far the most watched videos in the cloud. Yes – more than all the other videos that one would think are important.  Employees want to know how their company is doing…so tell them a story.  It’s about their money and your money.  Get to the point – respect their time.  Use this video update to tell them what’s going on and congratulate their efforts.

How do you do this?

This short 5-7 minute video is hosted by a senior executive, who we composite with various graphics and background images. The piece keeps moving with large “quick read” graphics.  Logo icons, colored graphics and even short video clips are used to make each scene visually interesting but simple.  In just a few minutes with the host in a conversational tone, company employees world-wide can watch a concise presentation that’s informative and up to date.  The video is propelled by a music soundtrack that is mixed to punctuate the story. Are you in Finance or Internal Communications?  Do you lead global teams and want to effectively tell your story?  Let us help you with affordable video production that gets your message out quickly making your team look great and “on the money”.

610 KFRC – When Top 40 AM Radio Was

<img class="size-medium wp-image-1482 alignleft" alt="Brian Rhea Jock Card" src="https://www.rheacom.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/BrianRheaKFRCJockCard-202×300.jpg" width="202" height="300" srcset="https://www.rheacom.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/BrianRheaKFRCJockCard-202×300.jpg 202w, https://www.rheacom.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/BrianRheaKFRCJockCard.jpg 626w" sizes="(max-width: 202px) 100vw, Cheap Football Jerseys 202px” />I had the privilege of working in San Francisco at 610 KFRC from Cheap Jerseys 1985 to 1991. This radio documentary Cheap nfl jerseys produced by Ron Hummel, captures a unique Wholesale Jerseys sound that only came from AM radio…remember? Just click below as I’ve saved a button for you on The Big 610!Загородная жилая недвижимость, итоги III-его квартала 2011 года

From 1991, the Legacy of 610 KFRC documentary is a great Reset historical program that aired during the stations 25th anniversary celebration. Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame member Bobby Ocean narrates this 57:32 sound stream of signature RKO Radio production served up with all the stings and stabs of mind theater powerful promos…behind the scenes interviews and of oakley outlet course all those 610 KFRC airchecks that will keep you glued to your digital devices!

Bay Area Video Production Company in Qatar

Product Demonstration Video Captures Middle East Iris Biometric Story

Once Bay Area Video Production Company RheaCom filmed enough b-roll from their location shoot around Doha, Qatar, the marketing team got to work cutting a short video showcase.    Product lead Joey Pritikin tells the story in this short video seen world wide.

Services for this project include:

  • Location scouting
  • Security clearances
  • Middle East production crewing
  • Talent Casting
  • Story Creation
  • On Camera Interview
  • Post Production Editing


Bay Area Video Production Company Took to the Skies

Historic first in Optical Communications for Air Force Research Laboratory – 1.485Gbps Air to Ground

Visually interesting technology makes compelling mini-documentary video. This feature for AOptix from Bay Area Video Production Company RheaCom, validated the power of motion picture story telling for many audiences.

Experience the beauty of live uncompressed HD video from air to ground while flying 100km from the ground terminal.  Airborne POV cameras from AVS in Burbank – a leader in aerial video production for innovative coverage of sports, entertainment and technology.

Location Broadcast Video Production at the San Jose International Airport

Want to film in a high security area?

So your product team is ready to make a video for trade shows or the web?  RheaCom client AOptix was the first to deploy its iris recognition systems at 2 meters distance to validate passenger identities in the UK and Middle East.  Their E-Gate concept was hot and airports around the world wanted to know how it all worked.  So, we made a few phone calls.  Wrote a few emails.  Created an exact minute by minute production schedule and we successfully shot two locations in 1 day.  Tall order?  Yes, but with careful planning we pulled it off near their corporate headquarters in Campbell, CA.  The San Jose International Airport was the perfect location to film.  A working ticket counter and boarding gate made the perfect location.

RheaCom services:

  • Scouting/Planning
  • Clearances and Approvals
  • Casting
  • Crewing
  • Direction
  • Post Production Editing

RheaCom client AOptix is validating traveler identity around the world. When capturing product b-roll for broadcast video production, RheaCom scouted and secured two locations for demonstration of the companies fully automated e-gate to confirm identity through iris recognition biometrics.

Location Production Stills

Location video production in the Middle East

Are you ready to roll in Arabia?

RheaCom video production client AOptix is securing the air, land and sea borders of Qatar with iris recognition at 2 meters.  Traveling to film these sequences at the new Doha Airport took a lot of advanced coordination and careful planning.  Production functions included local Middle East crewing and extra casting for this product b-roll. Location filming permissions were granted and production went forward quickly in these highly secure airport areas.  If you’re looking to capture the moment anywhere in the world, let’s get going!

  • B-Roll Planning
  • Crewing
  • Talent
  • Permits
  • Customer Relations
  • PR
  • Post Production
  • Compressions

McAfee brand goes “inside” Intel. Move comes as next phase of change after 2010 7.6B cash acquisition.

McAfee LogoFriends at RheaCom client McAfee are watching history unfold, again as parent company Intel announces move to re-brand with Intel shield.

News of the move to “Intel Security” announced this morning at CES 2014: Intel will drop McAfee name, give away mobile security software.

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