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Want to film in a high security area?

So your product team is ready to make a video for trade shows or the web?  RheaCom client AOptix was the first to deploy its iris recognition systems at 2 meters distance to validate passenger identities in the UK and Middle East.  Their E-Gate concept was hot and airports around the world wanted to know how it all worked.  So, we made a few phone calls.  Wrote a few emails.  Created an exact minute by minute production schedule and we successfully shot two locations in 1 day.  Tall order?  Yes, but with careful planning we pulled it off near their corporate headquarters in Campbell, CA.  The San Jose International Airport was the perfect location to film.  A working ticket counter and boarding gate made the perfect location.

RheaCom services:

  • Scouting/Planning
  • Clearances and Approvals
  • Casting
  • Crewing
  • Direction
  • Post Production Editing

RheaCom client AOptix is validating traveler identity around the world. When capturing product b-roll for broadcast video production, RheaCom scouted and secured two locations for demonstration of the companies fully automated e-gate to confirm identity through iris recognition biometrics.

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