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610 KFRC – When Top 40 AM Radio Was

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From 1991, the Legacy of 610 KFRC documentary is a great Reset historical program that aired during the stations 25th anniversary celebration. Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame member Bobby Ocean narrates this 57:32 sound stream of signature RKO Radio production served up with all the stings and stabs of mind theater powerful promos…behind the scenes interviews and of oakley outlet course all those 610 KFRC airchecks that will keep you glued to your digital devices!

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  1. Dave Abelson-Reply
    January 15, 2014 at 11:26 PM

    What great memories! I didn’t know KRFC was a Drake “Rocker”. KFRC was in good company with the rest of Drake stations. During the 1960s I worked at KDWB in the Twin Cities, Minnesota (AM 630). We were a Valjon station that copied the Drake format. The sound brings back great memories. I worked with “The True Don Blue” who has been in the Bay Area for years as Don Blue, I need to check in with him (I’ve been saying that for years).
    Thanks, Dave

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