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Bay Area Video Production Company in Qatar

Product Demonstration Video Captures Middle East Iris Biometric Story

Once Bay Area Video Production Company RheaCom filmed enough b-roll from their location shoot around Doha, Qatar, the marketing team got to work cutting a short video showcase.    Product lead Joey Pritikin tells the story in this short video seen world wide.

Services for this project include:

  • Location scouting
  • Security clearances
  • Middle East production crewing
  • Talent Casting
  • Story Creation
  • On Camera Interview
  • Post Production Editing


Bay Area Video Production Company Took to the Skies

Historic first in Optical Communications for Air Force Research Laboratory – 1.485Gbps Air to Ground

Visually interesting technology makes compelling mini-documentary video. This feature for AOptix from Bay Area Video Production Company RheaCom, validated the power of motion picture story telling for many audiences.

Experience the beauty of live uncompressed HD video from air to ground while flying 100km from the ground terminal.  Airborne POV cameras from AVS in Burbank – a leader in aerial video production for innovative coverage of sports, entertainment and technology.

Location Broadcast Video Production at the San Jose International Airport

Want to film in a high security area?

So your product team is ready to make a video for trade shows or the web?  RheaCom client AOptix was the first to deploy its iris recognition systems at 2 meters distance to validate passenger identities in the UK and Middle East.  Their E-Gate concept was hot and airports around the world wanted to know how it all worked.  So, we made a few phone calls.  Wrote a few emails.  Created an exact minute by minute production schedule and we successfully shot two locations in 1 day.  Tall order?  Yes, but with careful planning we pulled it off near their corporate headquarters in Campbell, CA.  The San Jose International Airport was the perfect location to film.  A working ticket counter and boarding gate made the perfect location.

RheaCom services:

  • Scouting/Planning
  • Clearances and Approvals
  • Casting
  • Crewing
  • Direction
  • Post Production Editing

RheaCom client AOptix is validating traveler identity around the world. When capturing product b-roll for broadcast video production, RheaCom scouted and secured two locations for demonstration of the companies fully automated e-gate to confirm identity through iris recognition biometrics.

Location Production Stills

Location video production in the Middle East

Are you ready to roll in Arabia?

RheaCom video production client AOptix is securing the air, land and sea borders of Qatar with iris recognition at 2 meters.  Traveling to film these sequences at the new Doha Airport took a lot of advanced coordination and careful planning.  Production functions included local Middle East crewing and extra casting for this product b-roll. Location filming permissions were granted and production went forward quickly in these highly secure airport areas.  If you’re looking to capture the moment anywhere in the world, let’s get going!

  • B-Roll Planning
  • Crewing
  • Talent
  • Permits
  • Customer Relations
  • PR
  • Post Production
  • Compressions

McAfee brand goes “inside” Intel. Move comes as next phase of change after 2010 7.6B cash acquisition.

McAfee LogoFriends at RheaCom client McAfee are watching history unfold, again as parent company Intel announces move to re-brand with Intel shield.

News of the move to “Intel Security” announced this morning at CES 2014: Intel will drop McAfee name, give away mobile security software.

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AOptix Wireless Fiber Ready for the World

AOptix Unveils First Wireless Transport Product To Deliver Fiber-like Performance

This is a big day for RheaCom client AOptix Technologies of Campbell, CA as they announce world-wide availability of their new IntelliMax family of products delivering ultra-high capacity with carrier grade availability up to a distance of 10km per hop.

“AOptix Intellimax offers the first true wireless alternative to fiber,” said Dean Senner, Chairman and CEO of AOptix. “The technology was originally developed in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense and DARPA and has been proven in advanced defense applications, such as air to air and air to ground communication links delivering data rates up to 80Gbps and at distances of hundreds of kilometers or greater. We are now leveraging this tremendous technology investment across a wide range of commercial wireless applications such as mobile backhaul, enterprise access, and low latency networks. Our technology will revolutionize wireless communications by providing massive bandwidth along with high availability to enable new market applications.”





MTV’s Catfish Creator Nev Schulman Caught Doing Good at Gertz-Ressler High School in Los Angeles

Brian Rhea & Nev Schulman

Brian Rhea and Nev Schulman

Nev Schulman speaks from personal experience about all things social media.

Having also been “Catfished” by what turned out to be a Michigan Mom posing as a much younger online romance,  the continual lies, fake Facebook pages and deceptive months of exchanges made for an acclaimed 2010 documentary film about his experiences titled – you guessed it “Catfish“.   The film’s success spawned the hit reality series “Catfish The TV Show” now in its 3rd season on MTV.  Nev is the first of a new generation to take the reins of a web gone wild!  In the show he created and stars in, his team pulls back the blindfolds of those who get cyber duped.  Stories of some who even drive hundreds of miles only to learn the real relationship story with the help of Nev.

NCSA12In a recent event for the National Cyber Safety Alliance, Nev joined a team assembled by the NCSA and McAfee to talk straight about staying safe online in a gym filled with “twitter-pated” High School teens at Gertz-Ressler High School.  Look for links soon to this shoot where RheaCom captured it all “film style” with two cameras in a noisy, dimly lit gym off the 10 and 110 freeways in Los Angeles.

Michelle Dennedy shares with Gertz-Ressler students



Special thanks to Emily Eckland, Director of Digital Strategy & Awareness Campaigns and Michael Kaiser, Director at NCSA and Tracy Ross, Director of Public Relations and Online Safety for Kids Program at McAfee.  We also had the privilege of working with Michelle Dennedy, McAfee Chief Privacy Officer and a national leader in cyber safety legislation.   Thanks to all for hooking us up with “Catfish”.

Brian Rhea to catch MTV’s “Catfish” Nev Schulman for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

The National Security Alliance will be staging a special cyber security event in Los Angeles at a selected area High School with MTV’s “Catfish” Nev Schulman.  Working with Corporate sponsor McAfee, RheaCom will capture onsite video of this event on Wednesday, October 16th followed by interviews with Nev and the students who watched the presentation.  Production responsibilities included coordination of local crew, equipment and post production video editing.  Please send your questions about online security or the hit MTV show and we’ll get his reactions.

Photos to come!



How fast can you set up a hotel ballroom for a corporate event?

This is how the work gets done.

Yes, it takes a lot of gear to set up for a RheaCom corporate event.  Before we can send one bit of video data to the Internet for secure streaming, we have to take a large room, (usually with very interesting carpet and hopefully high ceilings) to create a captivating meeting environment.  Drape lines, staging, scenic, theatrical lighting, voice of the theater sound, projection, video village.  If you’re wondering what it takes to set up a room, take a look at this video captured at a recent event courtesy of our partner, Dave Jensen at Live OnLine Television.

Should the responsibility for meetings and events fall into your lap, here’s a few tips:

  • Don’t freak out.  It’s going to be fine.
  • Pencil hold multiple locations so you don’t get stuck
  • Tour the facility
  • Bring a technician who can ask good questions about technical capabilities
  • Find out if there are any other events happening during your event date (don’t want a loud band playing through the air wall)
  • Try the food if you’re serving your attendees
  • If you’re booking rooms, find out how far the walk is to the conference room
  • Ask if they have done large “television” style video captures before
  • Get to know their Internet services provider – make sure they can give you want you need
  • Find out what charges will be encored if you don’t hire any of their contract A/V staff
  • Make good scale drawings
  • Ask about hang points in the ceiling
  • Do they have have 3 phase power
  • What is the data rate in the room?
  • Is the line being shared with other meetings?
  • Call RheaCom to get started today!


Producing and Directing a Live Event with Video

Live Corporate Events Are Easy, Right?

“Ready one…take one…camera four…tighten up on that two shot…good…take four…stand by on bumper seven…”  Calling video cues in any show can be intense.  Add the complexity of a live video webcast on top of that and it’s crazy. Oh, if you’re also simultaneously capturing a “dirty cut” with all the cameras and graphics for quick steaming after the event…that’s insane…but we love it!

In a large ballroom with chairs for a thousand and HD video projection everywhere, there’s a great satisfaction working with talented teams of production professionals. When we travel or even when we’re home in the Bay Area, we have the privilege of meeting great people. After all of the pre-production planning we arrive on site to put it all into play. From load in to that final call to roll the walk-out music, let us take you “cue to cue” through a corporate meeting or event that brings impact and value to your organization.


RheaCom Executive Producer and Director Brian Rhea warms up the audience before the meeting gets underway.

Tips to keeping your cool under pressure:

  • Know your teams capabilities
  • Rehearse with presenters
  • Have content backup plans in place
  • Spend time on transitions
  • Know your show
  • Have an easy to follow cue sheet
  • Keep “last minute” distractions away
  • Get a good headset (no static)
  • When calling the show, speak clearly and praise great work as it happens
  • Hire good people who make you look good!
  • Rest the night before a big day (if you can)