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Internet Connectivity Speed

Yep – it was that fast!

You run speed tests over speedtest.net right?  It’s a great service.  After a big meeting where we’ve directed the HD capture of a multi-camera video webcast, there are times on location where Internet upload speeds are a real challenge to productivity.  In fact it’s one of the most challenging issues for a Producer on deadline to turn material quickly at any bit rate.  Time is critical when posting replays for the Employee time zone about to start their day watching your show.

We snapped this screen grab on one shoot where the meter pinned at an exceptional connection speed.

Megabits per second going up!

Love those Silicon Valley Corporate Communications data rates from those blazing fast circuits!

We’re a long way from those dial up days – remember?

I’ve always said, we put the trains (program content) on the tracks but it’s the IT departments that run the railroad.

On this day the content road the “cloud express”.




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