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Go ahead take a photo – it will last longer.

That’s exactly what we did.  Pretty picture of confirmed bandwidth for a live video webcast!  When Rheacom goes on site to prepare for a live streaming webcast, it’s important that we have bandwidth to stream live video in HD.  When we logged into a static IP port at a recent customer we were pleasantly surprised that a about half a TB per second was available!  We love this photo and it reminds me that the edge of the network can be blazing fast.  Dedicated bandwidth is essential to maintain a quality feed to the public Internet.  How much speed to you need?  For this connection, 2Mbps is all we needed to withdraw from the “Bank of Bandwidth” at this customer.

It bears repeating – “Marketing and Corporate Communications may build the trains but it’s IT that controls the tracks!”  You can only run as fast as your connection speed will allow.  Great to know this site will never be an issue for their quarterly Town Hall Meeting.

If you’re looking for a partner to live stream your event, let the Rhea Communications Streaming Services Solution – powered by INXPO work for you.


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