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Voice casting – Creative Services

For Brian Rhea, watching the turntables spin through the window at KPEN-FM wasn’t the first bite of the radio bug…however it was the one that swallowed him whole.  After growing up with Chicago land and Los Angeles Top 40 DJ’s on AM, voice acting became a long career of talking for a living.  From San Jose to San Francisco and beyond, his love for talking into microphones, creating characters, writing and audio production found its way first into r-a-d-i-o as an “on air personality” then commercials, television, advertising agencies and corporations such as Apple, Cisco and Juniper Networks. Take a listen to this collection of RheaCom spot radio commercials with some top commercial talent…voice casting to bring good creative to life!

What we do
  • Narration for product presentations
  • Corporate Image and Training
  • Spot Radio and TV Commercials
  • Web blogs and Podcasts